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Capture the Money Person.

Objective: Find the money person and deliver them to the extraction point to win the event.

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Capture the Money Person.
Capture the Money Person.

Time and Location

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26 Jun 2022, 8:30 am – 4:30 pm

Devils Play Ground, Devils Playground, Bulls Run Road, Moonshine Valley 5381, New Zealand




If you link to the WMA page from Facebook it does not auto log you in. You will have to log in manually before buying tickets. Or use the website on a browser.

Meet at the corner of Moonshine road and highway 58 (haywards). We will be leaving the meeting point at 9.00AM

There is a Person of vaule in the area that needs to be moved to a extraction point. Each Faction wants to capture the Person as it is rumoured that they have a great deal of gold with them.


There are three factions choose your faction.

The Dark Paws Clan

The Fire Crypt Clan

The Blood Mountain Clan

All clans hate each other and will attack other clans on site.

The factions could be altered on the day to even numbers for each Faction.

Money Persons Bodyguards. 4 only.

Each Faction will start at a home base. This will be your respawn point as well. Gear can be left at the base. Ie food, water, and extra ammo.

Medic rules for Factions. Each person will be given a torniquet. WMA members that have these please bring yours.

You will need to place the torniquet on the hit person to revive them and leave it on them. Hit person can be moved by another player. A person can be revived more than once if the Faction has unused torniquets. Bleed out time is three minutes. If you bleed out, you must return to your base to respawn.

Torniquets can be removed at your base. You can go back to base to remove torniquets even if you are alive. If you choose to remove the torniquets then you need to remove all that have been applied to you. First one costs no time. Each one after the first costs 1 minute each to remove. For example, you have three torniquets applied to you. This will cost you 2 minutes to remove in that time you cannot fight or move. You are alive so can be shot.

Money Person Rules: Can not be killed. Shooting them has no effect. They will not move unless lead by someone. The person must be in physical contact with the money person.

To capture the money person, you just must touch them or have a visible show of force that is double the size of the Money person’s Faction.

Medic rules for Bodyguards. They self-medicate and respawn after 30 seconds.

Once the Money Person is captured the bodyguards will cease hostilities and join the Faction who has captured the Money Person. They will not leave the Money Person thought and the body-guards medic rules change to 30 sec touch medic to revive.

Maps to follow.

Game Tickets

  • The Dark Paws Clan

    Sale ended
  • The Fire Crypt Clan

    Sale ended
  • The Blood Mountain Clan

    Sale ended
  • Body Guards

    Sale ended
  • Club Gear

    This is for club gear, this gets you use of one M4 rifle, safety gear and ammo.

    +$0.38 service fee
    Sale ended



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