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Operation: Evac

Meet at the corner of SH58 and Moonshine Road around 09:00, we will leave the corner at 09:30 The game will run from 12pm to 10pm

Operation: Evac
Operation: Evac

Time and Location

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03 Aug 2024, 9:00 am – 10:00 pm NZST

Judgeford, Moonshine Rd & State Hwy 58, Judgeford 5381, New Zealand



Meet at the corner of SH58 and Moonshine Road around 09:00, we will leave the corner at 09:30

The game will run from 12pm to 10pm

On the 3rd of august wellington Milsim airsoft will be hosting operation: EVAC a 10 hour Milsim airsoft event at DPG.

There are two teams the southern alliance or the Rebels which side will you be?

Faction Uniform:

• The Southern alliance (military forces): Multicam/MTP, MCU/Cadpat, or M81 uniforms (Full Uniform).

• Militia forces: Mix civilian clothing and Eastern/Other camouflage with half civi preferred. (No military team camo/uniform).


• Faction uniform

• Cold weather clothing (night ops).

• Wet weather gear (raincoat, poncho, jacket).

• Spare dry clothes/uniform, especially Socks


• Red and white lights are required for nighttime.

• Your chosen gun(s).

• Backpack or bag for gear (can be left at main base if needed).

You will have to carry your gear to your base so make sure to bring a bag that can fit everything

• Webbing, plate carrier, belt kit, or chest rig recommended.

Sustainment and Hydration:

Food and water to sustain yourself for ten hours


1. Teams have a main base for respawning. If you bleed out without another respawn option, wait 5 minutes in the respawn area.

2.  Forward Operating Bases (FOBs) are additional respawn points. If you  bleed out here, wait 5 minutes by the FOB radio station to respawn.

3. FOBs can be destroyed by using a Thunder B or another type of explosive on the FOB radio station.

4. Each team can have a Machine Gunner and Sniper/DMR for every Squad (max of 8 ) and 1 medic per Squad.

5.  Joule/FPS limits: 1200-1730 WMA standard. After 1730, max Joules are 1.64 with no full auto (except for machine guns).

6. Ammo limits:

• Standard rifle: 300 rounds (primary and pistol).

• Machine gun: 1200 rounds (primary and pistol).

• Sniper or DMR: 100 rounds (plus three standard magazines of pistol ammo).

• Reload only at main base or designated resupply points. Use loaded speed loaders if unable to carry all ammo in magazines.

7. Medic rules:

• Each player has two red bands as tourniquets. (If you have your own tourniquets please bring them)

• First band can be applied by any team member, second only by a designated medic.

• You can not medic a member of the enemy team.

. If hit/out for more than 5 minutes, bleed out and return to FOB or Main base

. If you have respawned at base try to wait for another person from you squad until you go back to the field

Event timings will be up closer to the date.

If you have any questions about the event feel free to message us

Game Tickets

  • Military team

    The military team will be required to ware full military style kit of either multicam/mtp Cadpat MCU or m81

  • militia team

    mix of civvy clothing and camouflage that is not one of the ones the military team is using




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Please familiarise yourself with our FPS requirements and Rules and Regulations of play. 

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