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We are excited to be able to introduce a new pathway to membership with WMA which gives potential members a clear entry to the club.

All members must still be approved by committee in order to ensure that those joining us understand the game, the laws around games and airsoft guns, and our code of conduct and mission statement.

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Potential new members must now play at least 2 games with WMA before they will be able to apply to join the club.
Note, this is to APPLY. This is not guaranteed membership.

To join, all people will need to do is message the committee via Facebook or our website and request to join.

The potential member will be added to the approved members list on the website and will be sent a link to pay the annual membership fee. Once they have paid, they will become a Probationary Member.

As a Probationary Member they will be entitled to;

                        - discounted game rates

                        - WMA Sticker

                        - A kill rag

                        - Full auto privileges

They will be Probationary Members for a further 4 games, in which they will be watched by Game Masters, Game Marshalls and Committee Members.

Once they have completed their probationary games and been approved by Committee, they will become Full Members.

As Probationary Members they will be made aware of our rules and if there are any breaches, we will follow our procedures as per the club constitution and rules.

As a Full Member they will be entitled to;

                        - an official WMA patch

                        - TQ

                        - Access to the members Facebook Group

                        - Access to the club discount codes

                        - Be invited to away games, interclub games and National events

                        - Letters of endorsement for the purchase of airsoft guns

As an incorporated society we are required to have a set of bylaws which are our club rules, including our code of conduct, safety rules and more. 

All members and visitors to WMA are required to follow these bylaws at all time as they ensure safe gameplay and a fun environment in which to get out there and play airsoft. 

Any member or visitor not adhering to the bylaws will be removed from the field and the rules explained.

Multiple breaches will result in disciplinary action being taken. 

Please read them carefully.

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